Istanbul gallery looks into heritage of late Turkish architect, artist Yılmaz Zenger

Published 21.11.2018 20:48
Updated 22.11.2018 00:08
An iconic armchair designed by Yılmaz Zenger.
An iconic armchair designed by Yılmaz Zenger.

An archive exhibition on architect, interior architect, furniture-accessory and decor designer, industrial products designer and artist Yılmaz Zenger was opened at Studio-X Istanbul.

It is not possible to define Yılmaz Zenger with only a few adjectives. He was an architect, interior designer, furniture-accessory-decor designer, industrial designer, photographer, filmmaker, sound and image expert, painter, sculptor, trainer and writer. Furthermore, he was a science and technology follower, user and developer. We can also describe him as a product developer with composite materials and as a producer.

He is an advocate of city rights and rights of the urban people. He was passionate to share his knowledge; he is a design developer no matter if the design belonged to him or not. For some, he was the "Renaissance person of the Cybernetics age," while he was a genius for others.

He identified himself most with the title of "dreamer" and described himself as a problem solver. With all these features, Yılmaz Zenger lived a productive life, which is hard to come across. The Yılmaz Zenger archive exhibition, which was curated by Pelin Derviş and presents a slice of his life, was opened for visitors at Studio-X Istanbul.

The exhibition and archive work in parallel to it were taken as a step to enter the world of Zenger. This work started with him and evolved with the contributions of those who he referred. His fellows stepped in as individuals reflecting his production and the world of thought. They contributed to the documentation process with their words, writings and archives. His products, writings and archive, which include all these works, were protected as he desired. After the completion of this work, carried out within the scope of SALT Research Architecture and Design Archive, the Yılmaz Zenger Archive will be opened to online access.

The exhibition is composed of a selection comprising of productions such as furniture, lighting elements and sculptures along with documents of the documenting process. Another selection of Yılmaz Zenger's work is on display at SALT Galata.

The exhibition at Studio-X will last until Feb. 15.

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