Başak Cankeş's 'The Truth' comes to Zorlu PSM

Published 16.12.2018 23:54
Updated 17.12.2018 08:00
Başak Cankeş's 'The Truth' comes to Zorlu PSM

Başak Cankeş, who has made remarkable works at the intersection of the two different disciplines of fashion and art, is preparing for a unique production that will meet with the audience at Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM) on Jan. 24.

Within the scope of the great production "The Truth" show, Cankeş blends innovative fashion, performing arts and handicrafts and makes a self-critical reference to the new world order that rapidly changes our social awareness through the metaphoric elements of the scenario she has designed herself.

The designer, who has so far transformed her collection presentations into artistic shows within the framework of certain stories, draws attention to how the concept of fashion has transformed many different components into puppets with "The Truth," and underlines the effort made in the background of fashion shows.

The show will be held by a team of 150 people, including make-up artists, hairstylists, tailors, models, workshop workers and 15 professional theater players, as well as a team of 40 volunteers.

Başak Cankeş is the scriptwriter and art director of the show which challenges stereotyped norms such as body, gender, race and age imposed by fashion.

Başak Cankeş has turned her collections into an art practice and made season-free designs. This time she adds new works to collaborations she has formed with artists from different disciplines, and worked with leather artists Afshin Zardin, Cihan Kaymaz and Murat Ateş along with Fırat Neziroğlu.

As part of "The Truth," she, in cooperation with these artists, has designed a dress produced with traditional leather carving art and knitted with a quilt, a table and a 3,000-meter leather thread. The designs with unique patterns, which will be displayed throughout the show, address the uncanny relationship between the real and the fake and are mainly suede and leathers.

The leather sponsor of all costume designs in "The Truth" show is the Sepiciler Deri leather company, while the JAB and SAYDAM textile companies are sponsoring fabric.

During the performance, hair design will be undertaken by the Makas team and make-up will be undertaken by M.A.C.'s professional make-up artists. Gülüm Erzincan will direct artistic make-up and plastic make-up will be applied by Hüseyin Akgül.

The choreographer of "The Truth" show is Başak Cankeş and performing artist Ekin Bernay. Mert Yemenicioğlu undertakes the styling of the entire collection.

Başak Cankeş positions herself as a story teller rather than a designer or an artist. ART Galerim Bebek, Tabanlıoğlu architecture company, Ekin Ses, Demir Law Office, B'Events, Cereyan Media, Sofa Hotel Istanbul Autograph Collection, Nisantaschi Concept Store and Arek Nişanyan are others who supported her in transforming this magnificent performance to reality.

The tickets for "The Truth," which is scheduled for 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019 at Zorlu Performing Arts Center, will be available on the Biletix website.

About Başak Cankeş:

She is the founder of the Bashaques brand which describes itself as wearable art. During her studies at the Fashion Design department of İzmir Ekonomi University, where she graduated with a second degree, she had the chance to work with brands such as Arzu Kaprol, Yıldırım Mayruk and Hey Tekstil. She developed her skills in pattern and illustration during her internship period with Bora Aksu in the U.K. and turned to artistic paintings and wearable art under Aksu's guidance. She won the International Mediterranean Fashion Designer Award with her first collection "An" she displayed in 2015 and won the international YOTA Fashion Design competition held in the U.K. Cankeş had an opportunity to exhibit her designs in Paris through a successful cooperation with Galeries Lafayette. She also showcased wearable art collections and the traditional Turkish Quilts Project where she has adapted surrealism to Turkish miniature art at Contemporary Istanbul.

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