Art lovers drawn to feel 'The Pulse of the Universe'

Published 18.01.2019 00:00
Updated 18.01.2019 01:03
Art lovers drawn to feel 'The Pulse of the Universe'

Despite having received a Western education, sculptor Maria Kılıçlıoğlu's art is fed by Eastern spirituality and can be seen at the Kibele Gallery until Feb. 23

İş Sanat Kibele Gallery invites art lovers to the world of dreams with sculptor Maria Kılıçlıoğlu's retrospective exhibition "The Pulse of the Universe."

Kılıçlıoğlu, who is the daughter of famous Bulgarian sculptor Dimitar Dimov, began creating art at her father's sculpture workshop when she was just 4 years old. Her toys were dough for statues, waxes and bronze. She discovered the miracle of creating 3D objects from a young age. She focused on the West because of her education but then turned her face to Mesopotamia, diverging new searches in her art life. Her first few works, such as "Mother," "Devil," "Angel" and "Kiss," are the representations of the artist's search for a form.

She created many works in the Hellenistic style with the statues that were produced with stone, wax and bronze. The works that she created using surrealist and fantastic elements added a different and authentic aspect to her art, in combination with her imaginative power.

With its opening on Jan. 9 "The Pulse of the Universe" retrospective exhibition of Maria Kılıçlıoğlu, who has had many exhibitions throughout her art life, can be seen until Feb. 23.

Maria Kılıçlıoğlu

Born in 1958 in Bulgaria's Sofia province, Maria Kılıçoğlu began visiting her sculptor father's workshop when she was just 4 years old. In 1978, she received her education from the Textile Department of Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy. She then went on to Mimar Sinan Fine Art University's Textile Department and graduated in 1985.

She opened her first solo exhibition at Hobi Art Gallery in 1989. Her exhibitions have opened at Artium Art Gallery, İş Bank, Erenköy Art Gallery, Minyatür Art Gallery, Salih Zeki Art Gallery, Ekosreda Gallery, Opera Art Gallery, Mövenpick Art Gallery, Ayvalık Municipality Painting Exhibition, Meb Art Gallery, Ortaköy Art Gallery, Art and Life Art Gallery and Istanbul University.

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