Children to relax with art during semester holiday

Published 18.01.2019 00:48
Updated 18.01.2019 12:26
In the Architects of Future workshop, children create a city, bringing geometrical shapes together.
In the Architects of Future workshop, children create a city, bringing geometrical shapes together.

Today is the last day of the school semester for children. For kids between the ages of 7 and 12, Istanbul Modern offers various workshops focusing on fields like photography, architecture and printing

Istanbul Modern will present an art-filled, entertaining and creative semester holiday for children. Photo Collage, Shade Workshop, Dancing Paintings, Mud Statues, Architects of the Future, Printing Workshop, Linoleum Printing, Fabric Painting and many other programs are waiting for children over the semester holiday.

Istanbul Modern has prepared a series of art-filled, entertaining and instructive workshop programs for children between the ages of seven and 12 between Jan. 21 and Feb. 1. While children try to interpret art with museum experts, they will also create their own artistic productions.

Photo collage

Photography is handled at the workshop as a contemporary art application. In the program, which is inspired from the photography exhibition "Yıldız Moran: A Mountain Tale," children can visit the exhibit first and then deal with photographic images that are prepared for them at the workshop. They diversify the photographic images with different angels, reproduce and arrange them again in a way to create a new composition.

Shade workshop

In this workshop, the subject of light and shade, one of the basic principles of photography, is the focus. In the program, inspired by the photography exhibition "Yıldız Moran: A Mountain Tale," children discuss the effect of light and shade in photographs and its importance in the narrative. They create shades in the workshop and draw the light, painting the projections of shades.

Dancing paintings

This workshop focuses on how movement is represented in art and its projections. The program starts with the examination and interpretation of images from different performances. Then, children dance, listening to songs from various genres. It continues with the dance figure productions of children and their creation of paintings while performing these figures. The workshop ends with their examination at the museum exhibition.

Mud statues

The Mud Statues Workshop invites children to develop their fantasy world by working with a natural material. In the program, children start off with their own stories like it is in the works of some artists featured in Istanbul Modern exhibitions. Looking at their inner world beyond physical features, children meet many extraordinary methods of the art of expressing oneself. They reflect on their habits, fears and authenticity by shaping mud.

Architects of the future

In this workshop, children create a city, bringing geometrical shapes together. Inspired by nature, they analyze the habitats of creatures in terms of function, ergonomics and aesthetics and prepare city models that are in harmony with nature for the future.

Printing workshop

This workshop brings together design and serigraphy. Starting with the drawing of children on a tambour with a fabric, the program continues with fixing applications with glue. Sparing their molds for other children attending the next event, the children of this workshop complete their printing work, using dried molds that have been prepared before.

Paintings and costumes

Children push the limits of their imagination in this workshop, working with colors, stains and different art materials. Watching a presentation that features the work of master artists in art history, they evaluate the periods and costumes described in the paintings. Then, they design a costume on dress forms and complete their workshop by drawing a figure wearing this costume.

Linoleum printing

The Linoleum Printing workshop invites children to explore different printing techniques. Starting with a short presentation in which examples from art history are examined, the program continues with applications in which children do printing and coloring linoleum molds.

Fabric paintings

The workshop focuses on the use of fabric, which is a ready material. After a short presentation that shows how artists use this material in their artwork, children discover exhibition areas. In the workshop part of the program, they create their own images, bringing different colors and textures together.

Currents and paintings

In the workshop, children experience the artistic practices of their own unique production processes and have the opportunity to explore the currents of contemporary art history, such as impressionism, cubism and abstract expressionism. Children who draw their designs in the exhibition halls of the museum and prepare their portraits with different perspectives based on their photographs taken in the workshop are creating pictures that reveal their feelings and thoughts with a play in the program. The workshop introduces different artistic ways of self-expression for children.

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