Benazzo's exhibition captures memories of shipwrecks

Published 22.01.2019 00:17
Benazzo's exhibition captures memories of shipwrecks

Rahmi M. Koç Museum, hosting the legends of transportation, industry and communication history with its collection of 14,000 objects, invites its visitors to photographic research on shipwrecks this time. Featuring photographs taken by Italian photographer and sculptor Stefano Benazzo, "Duty of Memory: Shipwrecks" is currently meeting the museum's visitors.

In the photography exhibition, the memories belonging to people of the sea take place with shipwreck photos. Focusing on the struggle of people with the sea, their courage and fears with his photos, Benazzo says, "Wrecks die alone and desperately. They are rarely recognized. Therefore, I believe in showing sympathy and respect for them. The wrecks, which have become a part of nature recently, are also a symbol of sea people's memories that are not written in history books and will never exist again. I prepare a memory, taking photos for future generations before the harsh weather and sea destroy these wrecks."

The "Duty of Memory: Shipwrecks" exhibition can be seen until March 31 at Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

Stefano Benazzo

Born in 1949, photographer and sculptor Stefano Benazzo served in Bonn, Washington and Moscow during his diplomatic career. He was Italian Ambassador to Bulgaria and Belarus.Dealing with photography for nearly 50 years, Benazzo searches aground ships and shipwrecks in the four corners of the world, especially in South America, the Caribbean, the U.S., Africa and Europe. Taking photos of more than 200 wrecks, he also has taken part in many solo, group and special collections with his statues and models. Along with all these, he published two books titled "Wrecks/Relitti" and "Duty of Memory: Wrecks in Greece."

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