Sophisticated beauty of human anatomy focus of art show

Published 05.02.2019 00:07

The Trump Art Gallery will host an extraordinary and unique exhibition in February. Titled "AnatoMia," Heval Tonger Yazıcı's exhibition consists of pieces she produces of human anatomy using textiles and paper materials.

In addition to her doctorate study in Barcelona on the role of art in children's education, Yazıcı made her mark in the world of art with personal and group exhibitions held both in Turkey and abroad. Treating the human body as a treasure, Yazıcı focuses on it. With her exhibition "AnatoMia," the artist tries to convey her interpretations to art lovers.

Presenting an extraordinary understanding of reality, as she is interested in the unseen parts of life and nature, Yazıcı reflects on the sophisticated beauty of human anatomy in her work. "To be able to understand the systems that form the outer world, I concentrate on a human's inner world. Inspired by scientific anatomical (medical) drawings, I reform bones, muscles, veins and internal organs with textiles and paper used in daily life. Hence, I wanted to create an extraordinary perception. I hope that I can convey the feelings I experience and my thoughts to the visitors of my exhibition," said Yazıcı. Curated by Kenan Bahadır Derre, the exhibition will be open to visitors throughout February at Trump Art Gallery, located on the B3 floor at the Trump Shopping Mall.

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