Istanbul gallery holds exhibition on women

Published 07.03.2019 00:08
Istanbul gallery holds exhibition on women

"Mulier" (Woman), a group exhibition that draws attention to issues like violence against women, child brides and problems faced by women, is being held at Istanbul's Trump Art Gallery.

The exhibition features the works of some 20 artists and will remain open until March 31. In earlier times, the value of a woman was directly proportionate to her fertility. With time, her fertility became less important than her physical aspects and turned into something symbolic or artistic. Her power, humanism and identity, on the other hand, go on improving the society she lives in.

The changing role of woman in a society with time forms the artistic frame of the exhibition. The artists - through painting, sculpture, photography, glass and ceramics - approach the variables of woman's nature from their own perspective and render them in different forms.

The group exhibition "Mulier" presents artists Aylin Örücü, Badem Kübra Kocalar, Burak Tekerli, Bülent Çınar, Büşra Kölmük, Cangül Gügük, Cemre Bozkurt, Deniz Küçükballılar, Ecem Yerman, Emel Özyol, Emir Furkan Tekkalmaz, İrem Kopuz, İrem Yılmaz, K. Muzaffer Gençer, Miray Durgut, Özgür Akpınar, Seza Çakır, Sezgi Tamer, Tuğba Matgöncü and Zahit Yıldız.

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