Two stars of Cirque de Soleil to shine on Istanbul stage

Published 09.04.2019 00:03
Francesca Gagnon and Rene Dupere.
Francesca Gagnon and Rene Dupere.

Lead vocalist of Cirque du Soleil Francesca Gagnon, known by her fans for her show "Alegria," will perform with Rene Dupere, who has composed music for Cirque Du Soleil performances for many years, at the İş Sanat Concert Hall on April 11.

Gagnon started studying music and dance at an early age and perfected her vocal and musical techniques with masters such as Philippe Parent and Christian Saint-Roch on the stage that would be her second home for many years.

Gagnon's voice reflects her personality and an accumulation of delicate, moving and deep roots. The Canadian-born artist has traveled with Cirque de Soleil over three continents and received standing ovations from thousands of fans every night. She has been watched by nearly 90 million spectators to date. Memorable for her perfect performances in "Alegria" and "Bella," Gagnon skillfully reflects her invisible bond with the Mediterranean region in her works. Gagnon, with her valuable albums such as "Hybride," "Meridiano" and "Au dela des Couleurs," has left a very elegant mark on Cirque de Soleil.

Dupere, who was the composer of this important ensemble for a long time, has composed important compositions with Benoit Jutras, Violaine Corradi and other composers of the circus. Dupere created a unique musical world for Cirque du Soleil with a lyrical nature and ethnic influences in his compositions.

Gagnon and Dupere will perform at İş Sanat with the Semplice String Quartet, one of the most successful groups in Turkey, and accordion artist Natalie Bergeron.

This night, when both a long-lasting friendship and the most beloved works of Cirque du Soleil will be presented, is sure to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience.

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