Modern time addiction subject of art show

Published 16.04.2019 00:20
Modern time addiction subject of art show

A graduate of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, artist Nilgün Sabar, who makes herself free with her art and centers it in her life, is going to present her exhibition titled "Selfie" at Sanatgezgini Gallery in the Kuruçeşme neighborhood of Istanbul.

The most comprehensive solo exhibition by the artist offers her interpretation on the concept of the "selfie" which she describes as the desire of people becoming godlike figures. In work presented in the exhibition focuses on this concept, and will be on until May 6.

Curated by Şanel Şan Sevinç, the exhibition is a sociological interpretation of the subject-camera relationship, its relationship with art, the critique of the world of marketing and a woman's turning of the camera into her inner world.

"Selfie," which was chosen as the word of 2013 by the Oxford Dictionaries, has become more popular since, and is a daily part of life now and has turned into a sociological concept. People prefer presenting not only themselves but also add what they want to show to others through these photos. A beautiful landscape, a delicious table of food, a futuristic building or a work of art. The common feature in all of this is that these objects take the lead role for the one who takes the photo.

Nilgün Sabar speaks of the starting point in her exhibition: "The selfie has become such a tool that everything beyond a selfie-taker pose stays in the background. It is the narcissist meeting of people with themselves. In this haughty manner, this century's people desire to be important, to see value and to be known - become apparent. Selfies taken in front of the most important works of art and historic archaeological structures, cliffs, even odd places such as deathbeds, are maybe idle revolts against the mortal life telling of the subject of 'I' is permanent."

Sabar, who has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, believes that real value should be given to people can partake in production, creation and shaping things which are divine. She questions the cycle of creation-consumption in her work and the value of people in this context.

All the work in the exhibition is of Nilgün Sabar's self-portraits. Interpreting all these debates by embracing different identities and moods over her own body, the artist leaves different comments and future new thoughts to the audience.

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