Detailed spatial analysis featured in art show

Published 19.04.2019 00:15
Detailed spatial analysis featured in art show

A young talent, Yağız Özgen's works are on display in a solo show at Sanatorium until May 19.

The works that Özgen brings together under the title "Instructions" deal with the exhibition's date and venue in a structural sense. The exhibition consists of drafts showing spatial relations and the instructions demonstrating how a wall painting should be applied to sections distinguished by markers.

Özgen does not treat the walls in the gallery venue as a permanent plane where an image can be reflected on or as a carrying element where an object can be positioned. The artist treats and signifies the walls dividing the venue as a mark that makes us distinguish the events taking place indoors from the events taking place outdoors.

The drafts and instructions brought together by paying special regard to the structural relations of the venue and come together according to this mark within a single installation.

The works as a whole offer analyses regarding the comprehension of the conditions of defining an object as "simple" or "complicated." "Instructions" investigates what is complicated with regard to temporal and spatial relations as a multiplicity that can be separated into its simpler elements in an analysis and what is simple, as a unity that cannot be separated into simpler elements in an analysis.

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