Traditional calligraphy meets contemporary art

Published 15.05.2019 00:03
A work by Sami Savatlı at Nev Mekan Gallery in Üsküdar, Istanbul.
A work by Sami Savatlı at Nev Mekan Gallery in Üsküdar, Istanbul.

The new exhibition "Sonsuz Kökler" ("Eternal Roots") by master artist Sami Savatlı, who interprets the traditional art of calligraphy from a contemporary perspective, has opened at the Nev Mekan Gallery. Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen and many art lovers attended the opening of the exhibition. Creating works that make an impression with a style that blends both East and West along with classical and modern, Savatlı said in his speech at the opening that he is so happy to open his third solo exhibition in this venue. Explaining that he is inspired by traditional art, the artist said: "I am inspired by all traditional art, such as illumination, miniatures and calligraphy; however, I create my art with brushes and ink like making contemporary art or modern painting. We can say my works are a contemporary interpretation of calligraphy. The name of the exhibition also originates from this inspiration. The things we call roots are actually traditional arts, which are my points of reference. The thing we call 'the eternal' is the way they describe eternity." He also explained that he creates his art with the goal of affecting the next generations' cultural fate and social perception.

Mayor Türkmen remarked that Sami Savatlı breaks down prejudices by handling traditional and contemporary arts together successfully. "Generally, there is a separation between traditional and modern art in Turkey's perception of art. Savatlı did not feel that he had to choose one of them in his works. He handles traditional art with a contemporary approach. Different information and cultural sources in the world and various artistic interpretations are not a source of separation but rather are a synthesis for Savatlı. Therefore, he both produces a new aesthetic and breaks down prejudices. This is what he does successfully," he continued.

The calligraphy exhibition "Sonsuz Kökler," which features 60 works by Savatlı, will remain open at the Nev Mekan Gallery until June 9.

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