Global warming and chain effects focus of group show

Published 12.06.2019 00:15
A work by Aylin Örücü, displayed at the group exhibition.
A work by Aylin Örücü, displayed at the group exhibition.

Trump Art Gallery is hosting a group exhibition titled "The Day After Tomorrow," where 17 artists draw attention to global warming trends that threaten the future of our world and to raise ecological awareness in this scope. The exhibition will be held at Trump Art Gallery June 1-30.

The participating artists aim to draw attention to the global warming threatening the future of the world and to raise ecological awareness about the issue. The exhibition seeks to attract the attention of all parties on the short and long-term effects of individual and social behavior to raise awareness about climate change and global warming.

Information about global warming and climate change, whose negative effects have begun to manifest themselves intensely worldwide, as well as details about changes in the atmosphere, polar icecaps, oceans and on land, are reflected on canvases and in sculpture through the sensitivity of the artists.

Encouraging visitors to think

Uncontrolled consumption disrupts the ecological balance of the world and causes irreversible consequences. Noting that there is not only one answer, the exhibition tries to show visitors how effective solutions related to personal and social unity can solve the problems. The exhibition encourages visitors of all ages to think about "global warming and ecological awareness," which stands out as the most important and social issue of the 21st century, presenting the important consequences of climate change for future generations.

Seventeen artists, including Ayhan Tomak, Aylin Örücü, Başak Demirci, Begüm Canel, Emre Çelikkol, Gökçe Sözen, Gökhan Gümülcine, Hakkı Kandır, Kadir Banabak, Mehmet Can Gürsoy, Selma Hekim, Serdal Kesgin, Soyhan Baltacı, Suna Tüfekçibaşı, Tarık Korkmaz, Turan Büyükkahraman, and Ümit Tekindağ, will take part in the exhibition with their works.

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