Jewelry inspired by Uzbek culture in 'Timeless Civilization' show

Published 26.06.2019 00:33
A specially designed ring that bears the traditional traces of  Uzbek culture.
A specially designed ring that bears the traditional traces of Uzbek culture.

Under the leadership of the Human and Civilization Movement (İMH) and the auspices of the Turkish Presidency, an exhibition and symposium titled "Timeless Civilization: Uzbekistan" was organized in Istanbul on June 15 with the participation of 28 Turkish and Uzbek artists and 35 academics. For the organization, Kiswah Jewelry brought the traditional Uzbekistan culture and the cultural values created by the Silk Road, which extends from Central Asia to Anatolia, together with jewelry. The exhibition will continue until June 30.

Turkish and Uzbek artists prepared 60 authentic works for the exhibition. Aiming to sustain cultural heritage through jewelry, Kiswah Jewelry participates in the exhibition as the representative of jewelry art with the Uzbekistan Collection, which they prepared specially for the event.

While the collection's jewelry, inspired by the art of Uzbekistan's architecture and traditional wedding jewelry, reflects historical art branches like illumination, they also include precious stones such as turquoise, coral and pearls as well as gold, which is frequently used in the region. The jewelry mirrors many cultural values such as historical Uzbek coins, the colorful tiles of their buildings - such as Timurid architecture - and detailed wood carving in the Tash-Hauli Palace.

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