4th Istanbul Design Biennial

Published 24.07.2019 00:12

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, curated by Jan Boelen and shaped around questions regarding what learning means today, how it is designed and how should it be designed, took place between Sept. 22 and Nov. 4, 2018.

The biennial featured exhibitions and projects from more than 200 participants from six continents, focusing on design, architecture, biology, sociology, gastronomy, pedagogy, ecology, technology and economics. Vera Sacchetti and Nadine Botha served as assistant curators in the six-week exhibition.

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial is spread around six venues with free events and exhibitions in the Beyoğlu district, and each venue represents a school questioning design from different aspects. The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, which was free and attracted great interest from the audience, was visited by over 200,000 guests.

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