Turkish Japanese university project at foundation stage

Published 03.08.2019 00:07

As part of a joint initiative between the governments of Turkey and Japan, the first council for the Turkish Japan University of Science and Technology convened in Istanbul on Friday.

Nobel laureate Japanese chemist Ryoji Noyori and Turkey's Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın attended a press conference on the details of the project.

"I believe that science and technology is the key to enhancing international competitiveness. In this regard, many countries are trying to create a good education system. However, what a single country can do is quite limited. So, we need international cooperation. This program promoted by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a great idea. Today we discussed what we should do, how can we recruit talented students, researchers and integrate other supporters. I do hope that this program will proceed well," said Noyori.

İbrahim Kalın offered his insights about the joint project and common expectations. "Turkish Japan University for Science and Technology has been established as a result of the agreement between Turkish and Japanese governments, led by Erdoğan and Abe. Legal processes have come to an end. Now we are at the stage of physically founding the university. Hereby the Japanese council and a Nobel-awarded scientist are here to discuss the necessary steps in line with the vision and mission of the university. This project points to a very important step in the history of Turkish-Japanese relations."

"We have a long historical bond with Japan. We have had a comprehensive, effective and deep relationship with Japan and its people since the Ertuğrul Frigate incident in the 19th century," he said. "Today we have close relations in the fields of technology, education and trade. Lastly, President Erdoğan conducted an official visit in Japan on the occasion of the G20 summit held in Osaka. One of the topics discussed during the visit was the Turkish Japanese University," he added.

"The aim of the university is to conduct world-class research in the field of science and technology, raise students and academic staff and opening post-graduate and Ph.D. programs. The school will also present undergraduate programs but it will mostly concentrate on post-graduate and Ph.D. programs. It will hopefully assist researchers and engineers in Turkey who will address both the region's and the wider world's needs."

"Turkish and Japanese academics, as well as those from other countries, will teach there. We believe that this cooperation will contribute greatly to our mutual relations and facilitate new initiatives in the area of science and technology. It is especially important that the Japanese know-how will be transferred to our country, which makes us welcome the project with great pleasure," said Kalın.

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