Building materials become installations at Artsweek@Akaretler

Published 12.09.2019 00:22
Building materials become installations at Artsweek@Akaretler

Artweeks @Akaretler continues to gather artists, art lovers and collectors in the heart of Istanbul, with many artists showing their works in the buildings clustered around Akaretler in the Beşiktaş district. One of the participating artists, Şerife Bilgili Ercantürk's first solo exhibition entitled "-2" will meet art lovers in Building 4 until Sept. 22.

Şerife Bilgili Ercantürk, who generally addresses events she experienced in her life as a part of the production process on her large-scale canvas works, brings the narrative expressed through the implicit images in her works with expressionist-oriented techniques together with viewers.

The artist's first solo exhibition within the scope of Artweeks@Akaretler accepts the beginning as "-2", not "0." The exhibition begins with an installation work in which five construction ladders are sent into eternity through a white representative space. The connotation of the name of the exhibition with the structure and the metaphor created by the ladder allow the installation to be read through space. The use of the ladder as an object reminding viewers of the openness of life to all possibilities, questions the flow of life.

The general approach of the exhibition, which takes place in a raw space that provides the connection between the works, is shaped by the accumulation of Ercantürk's visual memories. While Ercantürk generally distributes the basic visual elements on the surface of her large-scale canvases with a certain rhythm, she uses different techniques like dripping, throwing and scraping. She assembles building materials, hacksaws, concrete, hammers, locks, bearings and machine parts on the canvas surface.

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