Pangea and Kunst Offensive join hands in Europe

Published 30.09.2019 00:11

UNIQ Hall and Event Spaces Manager Pangea is set to bring the most special plays of the 2019-2020 theater season to the European stage in collaboration with Kunst Offensive.

UNIQ Hall and Event Spaces Manager Pangea, which has brought hundreds of plays to thousands of art lovers so far, has signed an important deal. Within the scope of the collaboration between Kunst Offensive and Pangea, which draws attention with its elite and contemporary plays that shape Istanbul's cultural and artistic map, Turkish plays will now have the chance to be staged in Europe. Pangea, which influences the audience with content suitable for young and old alike, will enable domestic games and players to take place in many cities including Vienna, London and Berlin which are considered the heart of art.

The Pangea & Kunst Offensive, to be directed by Tuğrul Tülek, will premiere at UNIQ Hall and start in Berlin in January with a play called "My Love History" which stars Şebnem Bozoklu, Rıza Kocaoğlu and Melisa Doğu. At the same time, Pangea, which will conduct the Second Turkish Theater Festival in April with the cooperation of Kunst Offensive, will continue to bring all the plays and players under its roof to Europeans every year. Kunst Offensive is considered to be the meeting point of players in Europe and is defined as one of the collective living spaces of art. So, Pangea will present its plays to the taste of theater lovers both on different stages and in major festivals.

Touching on the cooperation initiative, Pangea General Manager Sonay Yücel stated that they have always received positive feedback from their audience for their work at UNIQ Hall so far. Underlining that they have always worked hard for art to gain a better foothold in Turkey and reach more people, Yücel said: "We have done great work with UNIQ Hall. By taking our work one step further, we will also make our voices heard in Europe. Under cooperation with Kunst Offensive, which we have a common perspective with, we will enable our domestic players and plays to take the stage in major European cities. We are very pleased and proud to be an intermediary for the art that is performed in our country to attain the value it deserves in Europe as well."

"I argue that art should be made independent of time and space and it should not have a certain geography or language," Kunst Offensive Founder and Art Director Nazmi Ateş emphasized, saying: "If art is a soul, it has spread the posters prepared, the tours done, the dreams, the people coming together, the tunes chanted, the lines read out, the fatigue, the sleeplessness, the scenes, the curtains, the streets and all other things. There is a question I have been looking for answers for a long time. Is it possible to create a qualified art work of Anatolian origin abroad and to establish a link between cultures and languages? The forces of power seeking the good, the beautiful and the truth are of course possible. The partnership we established with Pangea, which is planned to spread for many years, is exactly the answer to the problem I have been looking for."

About Pangea

The team, which designed and implemented the UNIQ Istanbul project opened in 2014, founded Pangea in 2018 to concentrate solely on culture and arts. The company first took over the operation of UNIQ Hall, UNIQ Open Air and UNIQ Box and offered the most important theater plays, festivals and concerts of the season to culture and art enthusiasts. As of this season, Pangea will bring its own productions to the theater audience. In the coming days, Pangea will carry out the space management operation outside of Istanbul as well and carry Turkish productions to Europe with the cooperation of Kunst Offensive, which is based in Vienna.

About Kunst Offensive

Founded as part of the collective living spaces of art, Kunst Offensive carries out joint works with a number of art institutions in Europe and in Turkey and assumes the responsibility of overseas organization and tours for musicians and players it works with. Headquartered in Vienna, Kunst Offensive's work is spread across Europe. In the most basic terms, Kunst Offensive is a project of bringing different cultures and languages together with art, which is a common treasure of humanity.

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