Akbank Sanat hosts Contemporary Dance Program

Published 07.10.2019 00:29
Akbank Sanat hosts Contemporary Dance Program

In the October 2019 – May 2020 period, Akbank Sanat will be hosting the Contemporary Dance Program whose artistic directorship and content have been undertaken by LOCART. The program aims to train dance artists who have mastered contemporary dance techniques, are experienced in different dance styles and active in their field.

Coordinated by Tuğrul Savaşçı, the program's instructors include Alper Marangoz, Bengi Sevim, Beril Şenöz, Evrim Akyay, Korhan Başaran and Tuğrul Savaşçı, all of whome have worked with world-famous choreographers. The program consists of two terms, one from Oct. 7 to Jan. 18, and second from Feb. 3 to May 16. The program will consist of two classes: Group I (Dance Artist Development) and Group II (Dance Artist Education), depending on the qualifications of the candidates. The dancers will also be able to participate in workshops that combine their instructors' own dance styles. At the end of the program, the dancers will also have the opportunity to perform as a representative of the repertory works that will continue throughout the program.

There will be four classes per week, amounting to 120 classes throughout the program, including repertory studies and groups that will be formed as a result of a selection and evaluation exam. The minimum age limit for Group I will be 17, the minimum age limit for Group II will be 13 and the quota for each group will be limited to 25 people.

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