Robert Smithson's legendary sculpture revived in Istanbul's 'Spiral Jetty'

Published 07.10.2019 00:29
In Istanbul’s “Spiral Jetty,” the eternity of nature will be emphasized.
In Istanbul’s “Spiral Jetty,” the eternity of nature will be emphasized.

Istanbul Kültür University Art Gallery (İKÜSAG) is hosting a selection of works by Gökçe Erhan, Alper Aydın, Yüksel Dal and Ahmet Duru in the first exhibition of the 2019-2020 art season. The group exhibition titled "Spiral Jetty" was inaugurated at Istanbul Kültür University's Ataköy Campus on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The exhibition will continue in parallel with the 16th Istanbul Biennial. It brings together four artists who regard the restoration of nature and human unity as a vital problem. The exhibition features Ahmet Duru and Yüksel Dal's works that reflect different perspectives on these themes; as well as Gökçe Erhan's two oil paintings and one video, and Alper Aydın's installation called "Corpus Membratim," consisting of found wood and metal constructions.

The works in the exhibition propose to make sense of the endlessness of human life in the eternity of nature by means of methods that transcend representation such as travel, recording, witnessing and experience, as in Robert Smithson's legendary "Spiral Jetty," an earthwork sculpture constructed in April 1970, widely considered to be the most important work by the American sculptor.

Each work touches the other with their performative backgrounds, current concerns and deep insights into time. The exhibition, which runs in parallel with the 16th Istanbul Biennial, will be open to visitors until Wednesday, Oct. 23.

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