Hotly anticipated Andy Warhol exhibition at UNIQ Expo

Published 13.11.2019 16:35
Updated 13.11.2019 16:53
Pop Art adorns the walls at the UNIQ Expo.
Pop Art adorns the walls at the UNIQ Expo.

An exhibition which features Pop Art's pioneer Andy Warhol and original works by the most important representatives of this movement will turn the UNIQ Expo into a Pop Art arena

The UNIQ Expo, which continues to bring the geniuses of art to its enthusiasts, is bringing the 1950s to the heart of Istanbul this time. The Andy Warhol exhibition, sponsored by Odeabank, brings original works by Andy Warhol, who is the pioneer of Pop Art, and more than 100 original works by Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist, who are also among the most important figures in this movement. Curated by Begüm Alkoçlar, the exhibition also features a selection of works by a new generation of contemporary art representatives in collaboration with, a sustainable support program for creative talents and industries.

The exhibition was opened on Nov. 7 and will run until March 29, 2020. Welcoming visitors with Andy Warhol's famous statement "In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes," it shines with the motto of #SagolWarhol (meaning "ThanksWarhol" in Turkish) as a tribute to Pop Art. The exhibition, which is a giant Pop art arena of 1,500 square meters, brings the most entertaining and colorful form of art. Featuring many of Andy Warhol's iconic works such as "Marilyn Monroe," "Campbell's Soup Cans" and "Flowers," the exhibition also includes Warhol's workshop, The Factory, a meeting point for artists and art lovers.

Roy Lichtenstein's iconic Van Gogh room will also be part of the installations along with his other famous works. Lichtenstein is known for his work using advertising and comic book elements together. Keith Haring, who comes to the fore among Pop Art's famous names with his graffiti, will have his famous works "Andy Mouse" and "Best Buddies" on display as well.

An installation from the exhibition.

Best Buddies project

The Andy Warhol exhibition also gives a significant boost to the Best Buddies project. Drawing attention to the Best Buddies project, whose logo was by Keith Haring, the exhibition aims to raise awareness. The global project, which turned 30 in 2019, is being implemented in 50 states in the U.S. and 53 countries around the world. The program provides opportunities for individuals with mental and developmental disabilities to develop one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership.

The Andy Warhol exhibition is also creating opportunities for a new generation of contemporary art representatives in collaboration with A total of 11 representatives participate in the exhibition with their remarkable creative works.

Interactive Pop Art experience

Undertaking the mission of "Let everyone touch art," the exhibition will present all aspects of Pop Art and Andy Warhol. It will also offer an interactive experience to visitors through various workshops, events and art interviews. At the exhibition, young and old people and children will meet the fun and enjoyable aspect of the art as they explore Andy Warhol's colorful Pop Art world and the consumption frenzy of the 1950s.

Social media enthusiasts are not ignored in the exhibition communication-sponsored by ZUBIZU. Visitors will be able to take and share unique daedal photos in specially designed decor. Tickets for the Andy Warhol exhibition are available on Biletix.

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