Chinese toddler escapes unhurt after being run over by two SUVs

Published 26.04.2017 23:21
Updated 26.04.2017 23:42

Surveillance cameras captured the shocking moment an unattended toddler in China's Sichuan province was run over by two SUVs but miraculously escaped unhurt.

The footage belonging to a surveillance camera in Xichang City shows the toddler, who turned out to be only two-years-old, running into traffic and being run over by two vehicles consecutively.

Only after the two vehicles ran over the kid, her grandmother rushes to the scene and takes the little girl into her arms.

The baby was immediately sent to hospital for medical attention. Doctors working at the No. 2 People's Hospital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture said that she only suffered minor injuries in the head and is now in stable condition.

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