Hyundai to produce 3 new models in Turkey

Published 17.09.2017 22:27

Hyundai Assan has been making efforts to boost its capacity and develop new models, Hyundai Assan Chairman Ali Kibar said, adding that they have been working on three models that will create added value after 2020. The company is assessing to develop the new generations of i10 and i20 models, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is the derivative of i20, and a sedan model.

Stressing that the company is working in full capacity at present, Kibar told Anadolu Agency (AA) at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, that they have recently started work to increase the capacity through intermediate automation and investments. Noting that the company is assessing the production of SUV models, Kibar said they need to introduce a new program in Turkey-based facilities after the period of existing models ends.

Currently, Hyundai Assan is capable of producing 245,000 cars a year and aims to bring this figure close to 300,000 cars on a yearly basis. Kibar noted that the figure is likely to be clear at the end of the year.

Stressing that consultations on investments are ongoing, Kibar remarked that they may need the support and contribution of the government to make some decisions.

He said Hyundai will launch 15 different products around the world by 2020, adding that they are carrying out studies on all new trends, including electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles and autonomous driving.

According to Kibar, Hyundai Assan has been carrying out studies to increase its capacity and introduce new models, as well as three models that will create added value after 2020. The company ponders on introducing the new generations of i10 and i20 models, the SUV derivative of i20 and a sedan model in line with a decision to be made by Hyundai headquarters in Korea. "These are likely to happen. We will always be in the forefront in new engine works and trends," he emphasized.

In response to the questions of whether Hyundai Assan will continue to produce i10 and whether there will be three models other than this, Kibar said, "We can produce four different models at the same time with our equipment on our production line. We have this infrastructure. We can simultaneously produce four different models in order, so there is no problem with our production bands."

Kibar further noted that the i10 model will be renewed in 2020 and probably the production of five-door hatchback models will start later, Kibar expressed that studies on more economic, competitive and effectual SUV models are going on. The new SUV model in the B-SUV segment will be similar to the existing KONA model.

Pointing to the importance of infrastructure and legislative regulations in electric car production, Kibar stated, "In the case of periodic trends toward the electric automobile, the format can be created accordingly. On the other hand, internal-combustion engine technology has not come to its final point yet."

Hyundai Assan Chairman Kibar underscored that the technology of internal-combustion engines and their products are still the most reliable, most comfortable and most economical way of solution, adding, "Due to sensitivities to emission rates, there is a gradual trend toward zero emission in certain countries and regions. In fact, not all the products with zero emission have the electricity generated from clean energy." He emphasized that the system and infrastructure for the rapid charging of electric vehicles at fuel stations should be improved.

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