Turkey's automotive exports up 12.75 pct in first 8 months

Published 04.09.2018 22:55

Automotive exports carried out by the Uludağ Otomotive Exporters' Association (OİB) saw an increase of 12.75 percent year-on-year in the first eight months of this year to around $18.79 billion.

The association's 12-month retrospective exports went up by 12.92 percent to $27.71 billion. The year-on-year exports made by the OİB fell by 12.6 percent to $1.37 billion in August.

Exports made through the Uludağ Exporters' Association (UİB), the second largest exporter association of Turkey, amounted to around $1.69 billion in August, the association said in a statement yesterday. UİB noted that exports made through association member companies in the first eight months of the year reached $21.65 billion, up by 13.48 percent compared to the same period last year. UİB's 12-month retrospective exports stood at $31.88 billion, with a 13.49 percent rise.

Further, the Uludağ Textile Exporters' Association (UTİB) exports in August decreased by 9.47 percent compared to the same month last year, reaching $83.64 million. While UTİB's exports in the eight-month period surged to $843.74 million, with a 9.5 percent rise, its 12-month retrospective exports increased by 7.68 percent to $1.25 billion.

The Uludağ Apparel and Apparel Exporters' Association (UHKİB) exported $48.94 million worth of goods in August, with a 1.21 percent fall compared to the same month last year. UHKİB's year-on-year exports in the first eight months of 2018 surged by 15.73 percent to $431 million. The 12-month exports carried out by the association also skyrocketed to $611.76 million achieving a 13.7 percent rise.

Moreover, exports made by the Uludağ Fruit and Vegetable Products Exporters' Association (UMSMİB) rose by 6.97 percent in August, reaching $15.08 million. UMSMİB's eight-month exports also increased by 10.39 and reached $112.55 million.

The Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters' Association (UYMSİB) carried out $11 million worth of exports in August, achieving a 37.5 percent upsurge. Also, its eight-month exports stood at $90.58 million while its 12-month exports amounted to $130 million.

UİB Coordinating President Baran Çelik said that the resistance of the Turkish economy can be boosted with exports, adding, "We have adopted a growth model based on exports and are taking major steps in this direction. In the coming period, we must work to keep our import needs to a minimum and increase the diversity and quality of our exports. We must develop special strategies for new markets and regions and promote the perception of ‘Made in Turkey.'" Recalling that exports have achieved a steady growth trend since 2016, Çelik stressed that Turkey has switched to the maturity period in exports.

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