Turkey's domestic electric car debuts at exhibition in Istanbul

Published 18.10.2018 22:20

A domestically manufactured electric car has been showcased at an exhibition in Istanbul for the first time. The domestic car, the TM-480, which can be charged in one hour at a fast charging station, consumes TL 10 ($1.80) worth of electricity per 100 kilometers.

The electric car, which is completely domestic with regard to external design, engine, interior design and all other parts, could be on the market in a short time if necessary procedures are completed, a report in Turkish daily Hürriyet said yesterday. Domestic car manufacturer Dr. Gürsel Güzel said that for the first time they have showcased the domestic car they produced.

The report said all parts of the TM-480 have been produced domestically. "The vehicle's interior design, exterior design, mechanical design, chassis, bonnet and engine are domestic. Motor drive, electronic equipment, all control units and software belong to us," Güzel said.

The car has 150 kilowatts of engine power and 203 horsepower. A total of $6.5 million was spent on research and development (R&D) in five years. While mass production could start after six months, it can take two-to-three years due to certification procedures, the report added.

The range of the electric domestic car TM 480 is 400 kilometers. It consumes TL 10 worth of electricity per 100 kilometers. The announced price is TL 200,000 (approximately $36,000).

Established in 2014 under the leadership of Güzel, GEN Otomobil completed its first electric vehicle prototype, GEN1, and grew its team by employing talented engineers experienced in the automotive industry.

After the team grew, GEN started research and development (R&D) operations to develop three different mass-producible models: a sedan, a hatchback and an LCV, the statement on the company's official site read.

GEN Otomobil made its first appearance with its hatchback prototype in September 2017 at the International R&D Summit and Fair organized by the Architects & Engineers Group in Turkey. After completion of the three different prototypes, GEN Otomobil will do the necessary work for mass production, according to the statement.

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