Turkey develops world's first EI-backed in-vehicle hologram

Published 29.01.2019 00:08

The first emotional intelligence hologram of the automotive world has been developed in Istanbul. The robot that performs all voice commands can even understand if a user is sweaty or upset.

Sophia, Turkey's first in-vehicle hologram, made her first appearance in an interview with Turkish daily Sabah. Developed by DizaynVip, which provides automobile conversion services to 35 countries in the world, the virtual robot enables the user to give voice commands to mechanics and get responses in return.

Sophia is also making an emotional connection with the user.

For example, if a user tells her to turn on the air conditioner when he/she gets into the vehicle sweaty, Sophia says, "Your back is sweaty. Turning it on might affect your health."

The virtual robot allows the user to manage hundreds of features in the vehicle via voice commands.

Erbakan Malkoç, the chairman of the system's developer DizaynVip, explained the project, saying it is possible to get the most accurate information by combining Sophia with artificial intelligence and intersecting 100,000 sites in a quarter of a second.

"For example, when speaking to a Chinese passenger in the car, I can hear them in Turkish. I speak Turkish, they hear it in Chinese. We are changing the sound frequency in the air. This is a first in the world," he noted.

Meanwhile, DizaynVip, the sole developer authorized by Mercedes in the world, has 3,600 units of made-in-Turkey stamped products.

"Mercedes Benz is a world giant. It has now entrusted us with the conversion of van-type VIP cars,"Malkoç continued, recalling that while the cars were controlled by a switch 10 years ago, those he had converted could be controlled with a tablet.

"Five years ago, when the automobile sector moved to control with a tablet, I had already started talking to the cars. All of these features force us to constantly innovate," he concluded.

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