Turkey exports over $100M automotive goods to 39 countries

Published 07.02.2019 00:06

Turkey's automotive industry, which achieved an all-time high export figure in 2018, saw the number of countries where it sells goods worth more than $100 million reach 39.

The long-standing leader of Turkish exports, the automotive industry reached $31.6 billion in exports last year, marking an 11 percent rise compared to the previous year, according to information compiled from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) and the Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association (EİB).

The industry exported to a total of 207 countries, free zones and autonomous regions, ranking first among other industries for 13 consecutive years.

The number of countries where it sends products worth $1 billion or more went up to nine last year from seven in the previous year. The number of countries to where the industry's exports crossed the $100-million threshold reached 39 from 34 from the previous year, with nine of them exceeding the billion-dollar threshold and 30 of them exceeding $100 million.

The Netherlands and Romania were below the billion-dollar market, but well above the $100 million threshold.

Reaching $905 million with a 19 percent rise, the Netherlands ranked 10th among the countries to which the Turkish automotive industry carried out largest exports, followed by Romania with $893 million.

Exports to Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Taiwan and Chile stood over $100 million. The industry's exports to Morocco stood at $561 million, Israel at $523 million, Sweden at $488 million, Russia at $453 million, Hungary at $416 million, Portugal at $364 million, Austria at $307 million and Egypt at $304 million.

Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Taiwan and Chile joined the countries that exceeded the $100 million export threshold last year.

Exports to Croatia soared 50 percent from $77 million in 2017 to $115.4 million in 2018, Slovakia to $109 million from $71.6 million with a 52 percent rise, Serbia to $105 million from $82.4 million with a 27 percent rise, Taiwan to $104.6 million from $61.6 million with a 70 percent rise and Chile to $100.6 million from $63 million with a 60 percent rise.

In addition to these countries, Turkey exported goods worth over $100 million to Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Mexico, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Ukraine and Greece. Exports to Brazil increased by 13 percent to $99,165 million. If the rise of exports to the country continues, it will soon be joining the group of countries receiving over $100 million worth of Turkish automotive industry's goods.

On the other hand, eight EU members and the U.S. came to the fore as export markets that exceeded $1 billion in 2018.

Exports to Germany reached $4.8 billion last year, followed by Italy, with $3.3 billion, France with $3.2 billion, U.K. with $2.9 billion, Spain with $1.8 billion, and Belgium with $1.4 billion. Sales to Slovenia and Poland exceeded the $1-billion threshold for the first time last year, reaching $1.2 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively. Exports to the U.S. stood at $1.1 billion, despite a decline from the previous year.

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