Turkish automotive firm starts production for Aston Martin

Published 21.02.2019 00:05

A Turkish automotive company has geared up for a new partnership with Aston Martin, one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world. In this scope, Turkish Ak Automotive has started working on the British luxury car manufacturer's pedal molds and engineering services.

Ak Automotive Production Manager Canan Gökmen stated that the company intends to be one of the top five companies in the Turkish mold industry. After stepping into the sector in 2015 in Bursa Nilüferköy, they moved their operations to Bursa Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) in the last quarter of 2018, she added.

Gökmen said that they strived to invest in new machinery and equipment with high technology to increase the capacity and quality of their new facilities. "In our new plant, we made an agreement to add a large size press trial to our machine line, which has a very important place in our sector," she said. "With the press to be commissioned soon, we will increase the quality of our products and double our capacity."

He said that they achieved a growth rate of 30 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year, 35 percent in 2017 and 50 percent in 2018.

Gökmen noted that in 2018, they took part in two projects that would serve the exported parts production and delivered 20 projects including two transfer sets, two tandem sets and 16 progressive molds. Pointing out that 43 people are employed within Ak Teknik Kalıp İmalat, a subsidiary of Küçükoğlu Holding in Bursa, she added that they continue to invest and produce in order to achieve the goal of being one of the top five companies in the Turkish mold sector in 2025. For his part, Küçükoğlu Holding Chairman Oğuzhan Küçükoğlu said they aim to grow in the automotive sector with their 34-year production history, stressing that their holding has been operating in all areas of the automotive sector.

Highlighting that they launched a new initiative in the sector with the 11,500-square-meter Toyota Plaza Aktoy, a environmentally green building inaugurated in June 2007 in Avcılar, Istanbul, Küçükoğlu said they acquired Cimos Kinamatics in Slovenia, owned by Italian Palladio Holding, in the last days of 2018 and started production as Ak Automotive D.O.O.

"Our Turkish flag and the Küçükoğlu Holding flag have begun to wave in Europe," Küçükoğlu continued. "Now in a completely different world, we are pursuing much more qualified and great goals. As Küçükoğlu Holding, our vision for 2025 is to become a global production holding with a turnover of TL 2.5 billion in the industry, retail, insurance, construction and IT sectors."

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