Sakarya exports 86 percent of manufactured vehicles

Published 26.02.2019 00:07
Updated 26.02.2019 09:23

Northwestern Turkey's Sakarya exported approximately 86 percent of the 21,766 vehicles it produced in January which accounted for around 19.6 percent of Turkey's total automotive exports last month.

Sakarya is ranked seventh in Turkey's exports following Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, İzmir, Ankara and Gaziantep. It contributed over $405 million to the country's production and export figures in January, with its automotive, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, air-conditioning, chemicals and chemical products, electrical, electronic, steel and cement industries.

Even though the city's share of vehicle exports in January declined year-on-year, the automotive industry achieved the largest amount of exports at $373.58 million.

According to Automotive Industry Association (OSD) data, Turkey exported 94,871 vehicles, out of 110,932 produced in January. Sakarya produced the lion's share and exported 18,663 out of the 21,766 vehicles it produced.

Following a rising trend in vehicle exports, the city has increased its share of exports by 24 percent in the last five years. The province, hosting vehicle producers such as Toyota, Otokar and Türk Traktör, produced 20,669 automobiles, 58 buses, 31 midibuses and 1,008 tractors this year. Thus, the city constituted 19.6 percent of total vehicle production in Turkey, producing 702 vehicles on a daily basis.

Toyota maintained its leading position in production and exports, followed by Türk Traktör and Otokar, respectively. In the first month of the year, Toyota produced 20,669 automobiles in its Arifiye-based factory, followed by Türk Traktör and Otokar with 58 buses and 32 midibuses, respectively.

Toyota, which produces Corolla and Toyota C-HR model automobiles at its Arifiye plant, exported 17,479 vehicles, corresponding to nearly 84 percent of its total production.

The Japanese car giant aims to break a new record with the new Corolla Hybrid model, which it started producing in Sakarya this year.

Last year, Otokar, one of the leading defense industry companies in Turkey, sold 190 armored vehicles to local and international buyers. The company has produced a total of 89 buses and minibusses in January. Otokar exported 23 vehicles last January and 112 vehicles this year.

Türk Traktör, meanwhile, produced eight tractors this January, with a lower performance compared to last year. The company exported 1,072 vehicles, making a major contribution to the national economy.

The automotive sector hit an all-time high in 2018, raising its exports by 11 percent to $31.6 billion. It took the lead for the 13th time in a row in annual exports.

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