Race in Turkey's electric car market to heat up in 2020

Published 17.09.2019 00:08

As sales and market share of electric cars increase rapidly in Europe, more and more automotive brands are beginning to launch newer, more advanced models.

The Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the world's biggest, went down in history as the car show to showcase the highest number of hybrid and electric cars when it opened last week.

Turkey currently has a very limited market for electric cars despite numerous incentives. Unavailability is the main reasons for this trend.

However, that is likely to change as of 2020 as all the major manufacturers look to launch their electric vehicles in the Turkish market over the next three years. Mercedes-Benz's electric car initiative will begin in 2020 with the Mercedes-Benz EQC model. Mercedes-Benz Turkey, which introduced the fully electric smart EQ model in 2018, plans to launch cars that have the lowest carbon footprint. In line with this goal, the brand will offer the option of electric motors throughout its entire car portfolio by 2022.

Volkswagen (VW), on the other hand, will present its ID.3 model, which was launched at the Frankfurt Exhibition, at the end of 2021 in Turkey.

It is the first car from VW'S new ID electric car sub-brand, a part of VW's attempt to reposition itself to become a major player in electric vehicles.

The ID.3 has three different ranges, namely 330 kilometers, 420 kilometers and 530 kilometers. The brand aims to become the world leader with 20 different electric models, which it plans to offer to the market by 2025, and 1 million in sales targets.

Ford, which exhibited only hybrid models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will also take action in Turkey from 2020 onwards. The brand will start offering hybrid options in Fiesta, Focus and Puma next year. In the second quarter of 2020, its Kuga 2.0 liter diesel hybrid and 2.5-liter plug-in hybrid versions will be available. Ford Otosan looks to introduce Custom's plug-in hybrid version PHEV by the end of 2019.

Honda displayed its new-generation electric vehicle, the Honda e mass production version at the exhibition. Honda e will be available in Europe in the summer of 2020 but the Turkey launch date is still unclear. Honda Turkey, however, it is said, plans to launch the new electric model in 2020.

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