Montenegro seeks NATO aid to fight fires


Montenegrin state TV said the government asked NATO to send two firefighting planes to help contain raging wildfires in the Adriatic country. Wildfires have engulfed the Lustica peninsula amid strong winds and dry weather. More than 100 people have evacuated the areas around the coastal town of Tivat. Smaller fires also have been reported throughout the coast. Tiny Montenegro joined NATO earlier this year, defying Russia and pro-Russian opposition at home.

Croatian authorities said firefighters have battled throughout the night to contain raging wildfires that threatened a key port on the country's Adriatic coast. Parts of the coastal town of Split were enveloped in thick smoke yesterday after flames reached suburban areas the previous evening. Residents have joined firefighters to defend the houses and stop the fire from spreading.

Emergency services say some 80 people have been lightly injured. They say the situation has improved in the morning after firefighting planes took off and the wind slowed down. In neighboring Montenegro to the south, authorities say they might have to evacuate a village on the Lustica peninsula. About 100 people already have been evacuated the area as fires spread.

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