Basketball League's name changed to ‘Super League'

HAKAN BAŞ @hakanbash
Published 24.06.2015 20:22

Turkish Basketball Federation President Harun Erdenay has announced that the Turkish Basketball League's (TBL) name will be changed to Super League with a possible sponsor's name as of next season. Erdenay made the announcement on Tuesday at the TBL's General Assembly held in Istanbul. Stressing that the evaluations were made in accordance with the wishes of the clubs, Erdenay said, "Evaluations will be presented to the General Assembly. There have been negotiations on the sponsorship of the TBL. Also, we are making efforts in order to increase the income of our clubs. So from now on our league's name will be changed to Super League."

The new members of the general assembly were introduced at the meeting. It was announced that clubs would not pay an extra fee for a sixth foreign player or for their sponsors' name. The TBL General Administration also decided that the Turkish Basketball League's Second Division's name will be changed to the First League while the current Third Division's name will become the Second Division. Foreign players whose contract ends can now move freely, just like local players. The clubs who want to include a sixth player in their squads will pay just $125,275, not the $75,000 additional fare. The league will start on October 10 and the women's league will begin on Oct. 17. The transfer deadline has been extended to the 27th week from the 24th week.

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