Novels full of love, wisdom from Francesc Miralles


Francesc Miralles, who has been popular with his latest book "Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life" recently, is fast becoming a nominee for one of the most popular figures of romantic literature. Miralles, whose novels in personal development, guidance and spiritual literature have been translated into numerous languages, is inviting the readers to discover the miracles and coincidences away from the rush of daily life with "Love in Lowercase" and "The Best Place in the World is Right Here," published by Pena Publication House.

Offering the joy of literature combining the wisdom of life, love and happiness with romantic storytelling, these two books encourage people to keep one's shoulder to the wheel.

'Love in Lowercase'

The walls Samuel has built around him to keep the world out is shaken when a stray cat enters into his world. He coincidentally runs across his childhood love, Gabriela thanks to this cat after 30 years. An adventure full of surprises awaits Samuel after this coincidence. After reading this novel, which shows that even small things may trigger a storm or awaken a sleeping heart, you will also discover the little miracles in your own life.

'The Best Place in the World is Right Here'

Thirty-six-year-old Iris, who has lost all her family in an accident, believes that her life is falling apart. After a gray and cold afternoon, on a day where the world means nothing to her, she leaves home, never to return again. Right when she is thinking about doing something crazy, she notices a cafe on a familiar street. The cafe has an interesting name: The Best Place in the World is Right Here. She is so intrigued by this cafe that she enters immediately. She meets an Italian named Luca and chats with him for six days while sitting at each one of the six tables the cafe hosts. The great things that start right there and they are the proof that this actually is "The Best Place in the World."

About Francesc Miralles

Born in 1968 in Barcelona, Francesc Miralles is a graduate of German language and literature. He worked as an editor at publishing houses and after a few articles he had dedicated to Franz Kafka and Hermann Hesse, he decided to write novels. His novels for adults and teenagers have become best-sellers and have received many awards in literature. His novels, mainly, "Love in Lowercase" and "The Best Place in the World is Right Here" have been published in many countries in different languages. Another area he focuses on is personal development, guidance and spiritual literature. He is also the co-author of "Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life," another one of his international best-sellers.

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