GAP İnşaat to build road to Baghdad

Published 22.12.2010 00:00
Updated 22.12.2010 11:56

GAP İnşaat will be undertaking a 195 million dollar project which involves the construction and landscaping of a major highway in Baghdad.

Having already signed on to billions of dollars worth of projects in Turkey, Central Asia the Middle East and Africa, GAP İnşaat is now preparing to become the architect for the redevelopment of the historical city Baghdad.
GAP İnşaat, a Çalık Holding subsidiary, will be taking on a 195 million dollar highway development project in which a 19-kilometer long highway will connect the Baghdad International Airport to the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in the city center and will also include 1,600,000 square meters of landscaping.


Expressing the pleasure of being a part of the restructuring of such a beautiful and historical city in Iraq, GAP İnşaat General Coordinator Ali Altuncu states; "As a company that is engaging in a number of significant projects throughout the world, we will now be bringing our expertise, quality and technology to Baghdad." The project, which was granted to GAP İnşaat by the Baghdad Municipality as part of the ongoing beautification efforts in the city following the war, is anticipated to be completed within nine-month's time and will provide employment opportunities for 1,500 people.


The agreement for the mega-project was signed by GAP İnşaat Vice President of the Executive Board Ahmet Taçyıldız and Baghdad Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Mustafa Hüseyin.

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