Çalık Denim receives another award

Published 04.02.2012 15:21

Çalık Denim, known for bringing innovative products to the global denim sector, has received two awards in two different categories with its Research and Development Center from UTİB.

Çalık Holding affiliate Çalık Denim was the recipient of two awards at once at the Turkish Textile and Confection sector's IV. International Research and Development Project Market Summit, which has been held by the Uludağ Textile Exporters Union (UTİB) since 2009.

Çalık Denim was awarded the "Research and Development" award as well as the "Research and Development Leaders" award for their importance placed on innovation at the firm's Research and Development Center.

The summit organized by UTİB was held in Bursa a few days ago. Çalık Denim was awarded for their production of revolution-evoking innovative materials which they have contributed to the global denim sector as well as for obtaining support from TÜBİTAK's Technology and Innovation Support Programs Department (TEYDEB) for their numerous Research and Development Projects and for owning the textile sector's seventh Research and Development Center.


Speaking at the awards ceremony, Çalık Denim General Manager Önder Öksüz states, "We find ourselves today having become one of the most important establishments in the denim sector, for our sales of premium brands, our importance placed on investments into quality and productivity and for our manufacturing with respect to nature and the environment."

Önder Öksüz went on to explain that they operate with a vision of placing importance on creativity, partnering to find solutions and signing on to realize long-winded projects.

Öksüz went on to state the following on Çalık Denim's innovative products: "In addition to all of this, as Çalık Denim, we are also realizing our vision of manufacturing with recycled materials and respect to the environment, through ideals, through practice and through infrastructure."

Çalık Denim's latest innovation: Blue&White
Çalık Denim is presenting a number of newly innovative textiles manufactured at the Malatya facilities as a result of extensive Research and Development efforts.

In addition to manufacturing traditional denim fabric, Çalık Denim has also developed new recycleorganic manufacturing techniques through the RETİNA method which was developed through extensive Research and Development studies conducted to find ways to advance manufacturing in an ecological-friendly manner, including using pomegranate shells in addition to a number of other natural materials to dye denim.

Çalık Denim's latest innovation within the framework of the firm's eco-sensitive manufacturing is the development of the Blue&White method which is an amazing combination of denim textiles and recycled paper.

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