Yandex offers search engine special to Turkey

Published 29.11.2012 19:34
Updated 29.11.2012 19:38

Russian search engine Yandex is using localization as a bargaining chip against its U.S. equivalent Google. The firm has now developed a search engine specific to Turkey.

A Turkish version has now become a factor in competition between international search engines. Russia's Yandex which competes with Google as well as a number of other firms has now developed search engine geared for Turkish internet users.

Speaking at Yandex's launching, Turkey Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ stated, "We are presenting an internet browser that is designed especially for Turkish internet users."


Turkey product manager Erhan Erdoğan states, "Even though internet users have gotten used to fast internet connections however situations in which connections are slow are not completely out of our lives. We have compressed our content into 75 percent levels. This provides significant savings, especially when it comes to tariff-based internet services. "

The new browser will contain a turbo mode which automatically goes into effect when connection speed drops to lowers than 128 Kbps or exceeds 512 Kbps and can be turned on and off at any time. The Yandex browser will have a "smart sentence" service for address and search entries and will also provide traffic and weather services.

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