GE joins forces with Çalık to provide energy to Turkmenistan

Published 12.09.2013 15:18
Updated 12.09.2013 15:24

General Electric is joining forces with Çalık Energy to provide aeroderivative gas turbines for the latter’s projects to supply Turkmenistan’s increasing energy needs.

Çalık Energy has expedited a project to build three separate power plants, at the Akhal, Mary and Lebap sites in Turkmenistan, which will provide 360 megawatt's of electricity to the country by next year. The Akhal and Mary power plants are expected to be completed by the end of 2013, and the Lebap plant is anticipated to operate in February of 2014. General Electric (GE) will be providing nine aeroderivative gas turbines to expedite the efficient supply of energy to accommodate Turkmenistan's growing energy requirements.

Çalık Energy CEO Saim Dinç had the following to state regarding this new development:

"As demand for power grows throughout Turkmenistan, we wanted to guarantee that our customers will continue to receive energy in a timely manner and to improve social and living conditions through additional power plants and by providing electricity to all villages, towns, settlements and in even the most remote locations. We have therefore chosen to build three power plants that will provide 240 megawatts of energy to Turkmenistan within six months' time and a total 360 megawatts by early 2014. We feel that by using GE's flexible, efficient and proven aeroderivative gas turbines at our new plants will allow us to be able to meet these needs in both an efficient as well as cost-effective manner."

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