Westminster renovation to cost $4.7 billion

Published 23.11.2014 21:39
Updated 24.11.2014 09:56
Westminster renovation to cost $4.7 billion

As the shallow discussions about the cost of the new presidential palace - amounting to approximately TL 1.3 billion ($585 million) - started by the opposition and Gülenist media channels continue, recent news states that the U.K. will spend $4.7 billion on repair works of its parliament building known as Westminster Palace.

The annual maintenance of the building is estimated to be around 30 million pounds.

According to the BBC, the previous forecast for the cost was around $2.5 billion. Head of the restoration and renovation project Richard Ware stated that the works should start immediately and every passing day brings more disadvantages as the building is getting older. "The building is decaying faster than we can repair it. Westminster's days are numbered. If we don't act right now, the politicians will be working in a wreck," said Ware, adding that an independent committee will be founded for the works lead by him.

According to the schedule repairs will commence in 2021.

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