New hotline to be launched to ease cap services

Published 05.06.2015 23:33

There are more than 1 million people who use taxis for transportation purposes in Istanbul and new practices are being developed to make customers' lives easier with each passing day. Thanks to the latest practice, customers can call the hotline 134 and be picked up wherever they are. The Information and Communication Technologies Authority decided to assign the number 134 to the Turkish Association of Municipalities as a Taxi hotline to solve problems between taxi drivers and customers. Taxi drivers, for example, do not want to take passengers who go short distances. Istanbul's Chamber of Artisan Taxi Drivers and ISPARK, a parking service subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, conducted a joint project to solve this problem. President of the chamber, Yahya Uğur, said that customers could go wherever they want to go using the hotline 134. If customers call 134 and describe where they are, a taxi will be directed to them no matter where they are located. Uğur said that the aim of the project is to make cab drivers feel psychologically relaxed and to allow customers to defend their rights. Although a complaint line (444 15 23) was put into service previously so that customers could complain about drivers who would not take them short distances, Uğur said that the number of complaints decreased. He emphasized that rejecting customers due to short distances was out of the question and they would solve this problem as soon as possible. Pointing out that the system of the taxi call center was a practice that would overpass its counterpart practices in Europe, Uğur said: "A tender was initiated for the project."

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