Coca-Cola Turkey to replenish 3 billion liters of water

Published 14.06.2015 23:14

The subject of the most strategic meetings involves neither petroleum nor space technologies. The focus of these meetings that plan the future of world economics is nutrition, for it will be luxury to calculate how much one's car will use of gas per kilometer when the continuously increasing world population exceeds the capacity of its nutrition sources. Turkey's agricultural lands have faced a drought due to a few risks in the recent period. Therefore, the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry has initiated some innovative projects in cooperation with the private sector and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). One of these projects is the Agriculture of the Future Project run by Coca-Cola Turkey and the Nature Conservation Center. Sinan Cem Şahin, Coca-Cola's public affairs and communications director for Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia, underscored that they based their project on sustainable land and water usage in agricultural practices and they aim for soil to hold more water. He also stressed that the project experienced wonderful success in the Konya Basin, where it began, last year. Coca-Cola's other significant project concerning sustainable agriculture is the Night Irrigation Project in the Harran Plain. As part of the project, conducted with the cooperation of Adıyaman University, farmers in the region are taught new farming methods. Farmers learn about night irrigation, which prevents water loss due to minimal evaporation. Şahin said, "With the projects we have made to protect water sources, we aim to achieve important milestones by redistributing all the water we will use during the production process in 2015. This totals nearly 3 billion liters of water, which is a very important amount for the region."

Conducting projects for youth besides agriculture, Coca-Cola Turkey is running projects this year focusing on women. Şahin said they were working to realize personal development education for women in cooperation with universities, public institutions and local NGOs in seven cities across Turkey. "We designed a project that will elevate women in society," Şahin said.

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