Sürat Kargo cannot operate in postal sector

Published 17.06.2015 22:34

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) has refused to allow Sürat Kargo, a courier company linked to the Gülen Movement, to operate. Sürat Kargo's application was negotiated at the last BTK council meeting. Board members of the authority made their decisions taking into consideration the National Security Council and the issue of fighting against the "parallel structure." In accordance with the Postal Services Law no. 6475, liberalization had been paved for the postal sector and companies had been conditioned to obtain authorization from the BTK. It was revealed that Sürat Kargo had learned of the change that would be made to the postal regulation from its employees in the BTK and thereupon the head of the BTK Postal Group was dismissed for leaking information to Sürat Kargo. It was announced a while ago that Sürat Kargo, operating within the body of Kaynak Holding, which has become known for its alleged support of the "parallel structure," would have a veto imposed by the BTK. The final decision was given on the Sürat Kargo file that could not obtain authorization from the BTK in the last council meeting. As well as Sürat Kargo, the situation of other companies applying for authorization was discussed at the meeting. Twelve companies were granted permission to operate in the postal service.

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