White House secures $4B for clean energy

Published 17.06.2015 23:52

The White House has secured more than $4 billion to boost clean energy and fight climate change from foundations, institutional investors and philanthropies, doubling a goal set in February, administration officials said. Vice President Joe Biden told a conference on clean energy at the White House on Tuesday that a "staggering" number of long-term jobs can be created in the sector "if we make the investments." The administration issued a call to action early in the year asking them to make commitments on clean energy innovation, and "we've seen a really overwhelming response," White House senior adviser Brian Deese told reporters late Monday, previewing the announcement. To help facilitate the commitments, the administration increased access to federal information and provided technical assistance, Deese said. However, the extent to which the White House's call to action actually increased commitments they may have been considering anyway was unclear. In addition, the Energy Department will launch a Clean Energy Impact Investment Center to help speed other financing for clean energy.

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