Civil servants to get 6+5 pct wage increase in 2016


The government and civil servant unions reached an agreement on a raise in public workers' wages during collective contract negotiations. As part of the agreement, the wages of public workers and retired civil servants will receive a 6 percent increase in the first half of 2016 and a 5 percent increase in the second half, meaning a cumulative increase of 11.3 percent. In 2017, they will be increased by 3 percent in the first half and 4 percent in the second half of the year. So, the lowest civil servant wage will be TL 1,919 ($657.34) per month, while the average will be TL 2,551. The agreement concerns 5 million people in total.

Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik delivered a speech on Saturday at a press conference held to announce the results of the collective bargaining negotiations for 2016-2017. Çelik said he was very pleased to be able to conclude the process with a consensual agreement. Other regulations made through this agreement concerning civil servants are as follows: Civil servants who started working after 2005 will be given a degree; teachers will be paid for hall monitoring duty up to gross TL 98 ($33.57) in 2016 and up to TL 140 in 2017; wages of the teachers who work for weekend exams will be increased from TL 58 to TL 132; and the base pay rate of healthcare personnel will be increased. For example, the working capital rate paid to a nurse will be increased by TL 180. Additionally, a science board will be formed to establish the demand of actual service wage rise and this science board will complete its work in 2016. According to the agreement, pensions will increase by TL 100 increase in September 2015, and pensions will be increased by 19.1 percent in 2016. Also, an average of TL 3,675 in premiums will be paid to pensioners.

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