Turkish civil aviation officials shorten air corridors

Published 09.11.2015 00:00

A new air corridor between İzmir and Antalya, which has been shortened by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) for the effective use of airspace, takes effect Nov. 12. This is the second air corridor to be shortened after the first between Siirt and Van. The regulation, published in the Official Gazette last year concerning the flexible use of airspace, aims to save fuel and time, reduce maintenance costs and planes' contribution to environmental pollution and global warming and increase efficiency in aviation. After several planes had to land at Siirt Airport after failing to land at Van Ferit Melen Airport due to unfavorable weather conditions, especially last winter, the air corridor between the two airports was reduced by nearly 137 kilometers with the introduction of an additional air corridor to prevent time and fuel losses. Taking demands from air carriers into consideration, the SHGM made a new regulation and reduced the 240 kilometers between the two airports to 103 kilometers by establishing a direct air corridor between them.

The SHGM has now established a new air corridor between İzmir and Antalya, which will be 29 kilometers shorter than the previous one, reducing the distance by three minutes and saving 186 liters of fuel each trip. The new route, which runs over Akbuk, Okesa and Balso instead of Okesa, Milas, Dalaman and Antalya, will take effect Nov. 12. If plane routes that consume 62 liters of fuel a minute are shortened by one minute, 160 kilograms less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. The shortening of routes is expected to make a major contribution to aviation expenditures, helping to spend less on fuel and aircraft maintenance.

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