Turkish made railway connects Central Asia

Published 18.11.2015 23:09

According to the statement from the Ankara-based company Nata Holding - which is included in the "Top 225 International Contractors of the World" as announced by News Record (ENR) - the 27-kilometer railway project connecting Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan was completed in nine months. Nata Holding CEO, Namık Tanık, said that despite tough weather conditions with temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celcius in winter and 60 degrees Celsius in summer, the project in Turkmenistan was completed and the market is inviting as it offers suitable conditions for foreign investors.

Tanık added that Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov assured him that the investment and working conditions are suitable for Turkish companies who have, in turn, implemented various important projects in many cities across the country. Referring to Turkmenistan as his second home, Tanık stressed that they have important, ongoing projects, especially in the power and telecommunications sectors. A 250-kilometer electricity, signalization and railway communication project between Bereket and Etrek is currently being implemented. Moreover, the company resolved a key transportation issue last year when they finished a steel bridge over the Karakum Canal which passes through the capital city of Ashgabat.

Nata-Net-Hocallık, a company within Nata Holding that produces concrete, beams, bricks, pipes and various prefabricated products, has two factories in the Turkmen districts of Çohanlı and Bereket.

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