Turkey leads G20 summit, advocates humanitarian efforts

Published 20.11.2015 00:00

Turkey's presidency term in the Group of Twenty (G20) resulted in a more humanitarian perspective being adopted at this year's G20 Leaders Summit. According to leading names from the business world, the G20 summit that took place in Antalya adopted a more humanitarian perspective this year with Turkey's successful leadership in presidency of the summit and the participation of 19 countries representing the biggest global economies, as well as leaders from the European Union (EU). The G20 addressed various issues affecting the world today, including the immigration crisis and the increasing terror attacks. Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, the president of the Istanbul Trade Exchange (İSTİB), Ali Kopuz, noted that in light of the recent terror attack in Paris, the G20 Leader's Summit shifted priorities and the importance of Turkey's role in the region was also highlighted. The Paris attacks have caused the international community to unite against terrorism and the G20 countries are not focusing on cooperative or collaborative approaches to terror.

Kopuz noted that the summit took place at a crucial time and authorities from both the business world and government placed special emphasis on preparing for the summit by underlining the three priorities determined for the presidency of Turkey. "First, improving global recovery and increasing the potential; secondly, increasing durability and third, supporting sustainability. Our president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, clearly highlighted these three priorities," added Kopuz. He also added that Erdoğan was a successful host and conducted successful meetings, proving that he is a world leader on the international stage The chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), İbrahim Çağlar, stated that the most important dimension of the G20 and B20 summits is that they serve as platforms to evaluate global economic policies with global politics. Underlining that, in this respect, it was crucial to discuss global terrorism and solutions in the economic arena, Çağlar noted that Turkey highlighted "comprehensiveness" this year at the summit which means developed economies should share these opportunities with other countries.

The Turkish President of Civil Society 20 (C20), Zeynep Bodur Okyay, represents the civil community - and noted that Turkey's G20 Presidency was a success considering the global conjuncture. Stating that the preparations which began last year continued with great stability and determination despite the two previous elections in Turkey, the increasing terror acts and other global conflicts and economic difficulties, Okyay noted that the three main concepts of "comprehensiveness," "implementation" and "investment" were all highlighted for building a better world. She also noted that this year, the summit had a humanitarian focus under the presidency of Turkey with immigration, the struggle against poverty, elimination of disparities and an increase in transparency as some of the main items on the agenda. "Sustainability was also highlighted and for the first time the G20 countries recognized that evil can become a global problem and that a coordinated international effort must be made to ensure world peace," added Okyay. She went on to note that the immigration issue, social targets and the "Counter Terrorism Declaration" - the first declaration that did not focus on the economy - can all be deemed as the direct result of Turkey's presidency. Reiterating that Turkey presented suggestions on "comprehensive growth, gender equality in society, sustainability, tax equity and the fight against corruption," Okyay said that the Turkish republic ensured that the best examples of civil rights implementation were presented and the voice of the civil community was heard at the G20. Güven Sak, the executive director of the Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV) and the president of Turkey's Think 20 (T20), also noted that Turkey expressed the importance of "comprehensiveness" during the summit and, therefore, a main element that will ensure a more comprehensive growth process has been included in the declaration. He went on to note that wider access to the Internet and clean energy technology are also important for achieving comprehensiveness.

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