Kale Group to focus on domestic TRJet aircraft

Published 22.11.2015 22:23
Updated 22.11.2015 22:24
Kale Group to focus on domestic TRJet aircraft

The environment of confidence regarding the single-party rule of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) that followed the Nov. 1 parliamentary elections has reawakened investments amounting to millions of dollars that companies postponed to the post-election period. One of these companies is the Kale Teknik Group, which produces engines for the stand-off missiles (SOM) that Turkey imports. The company has also initiated work to produce some parts for the upcoming domestic TRJet aircraft, such as its engines and airframes.

Kale Teknik Group Chairman and Turkey-Canada Business Council President of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Osman Okyay said a memorandum of understanding was signed with Canadian aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada for the procurement of PW306B engines, which will be used in TRJet aircraft, adding that the government is striving to maximize the local product ratio in the 328 and 628 aircraft series. Underlining that the Kale Teknik Group has been engaged in the defense and aerospace industries for nearly 30 years, Okyay said the group established a joint factory with Pratt & Whitney Canada in İzmir last year to produce key engine parts and is willing to play a key role in the domestic aircraft project.

Indicating that the group wants to take part in both the production of TRJet aircraft and the design of the next aircraft projects, Okyay said Kale Aerospace has the ability to produce all kinds of structural parts and assembly compounds for airframes and airfoils. "As we cooperated with Pratt & Whitney Canada over the production of engines, we can undertake the production of many parts and modules," Okyay added.

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