Türk Telekom swallows up Avea and TTNET

Published 27.01.2016 00:00
Updated 27.01.2016 15:12
Türk Telekom swallows up Avea and TTNET

Türk Telekom has merged its brands Avea and TTNET under the aegis of one brand called "Türk Telekom." The company begins using its newly designed logo today. According to the statement of one of the leading Turkish telecommunication companies, mobile operator Avea and Internet supplier TTNET will use the Türk Telekom brand from now on. However, their legal entities will remain intact.

Türk Telekom's customers will now access mobile services, Internet, landline services and TV services from one shop, one call center and one website. With the strength of its 260,000-kilometer-long optic fiber cable network, Türk Telekom aims to offer integrated communications, entertainment and TV services from a single point without any disruptions and with the highest quality and speed available to its customers.

The new logo will be used in all Türk Telekom shops, general management buildings and offices, and on all vehicles, personnel uniforms and signboards. Similarly, the website will be updated with the new logo.

Türk Telekom CEO Rami Aslan said the new logo inspired the company to innovate, and along with the logo, the company aims to offer a better life for its customers with advanced technology. "Our logo is the confirmation of our renowned expertise and an indicator of the diversity of our products and services. It shows our desire for dialogue, new ideas and growth; our aim to build a better future by offering the power of fiber connection to everyone," Aslan said. Türk Telekom, a state-owned company, was separated from the Turkish Post (PTT) in 1995 and privatized in 2005 to Oger Telecom. The company invested in several telecommunication companies over the years like TTNET and Avea. Türk Telekom holds 99.9 percent of TTNET shares and 81 percent of Avea's, which is one of the three GSM operators in Turkey.

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