French Servier to produce drugs in Turkey

Published 01.04.2016 21:13

French-based international pharmaceutical company Servier has decided to domesticate the production of the Turkish market-oriented products currently manufactured in Ireland and France.

Servier will move the production of 21 million boxes of medicine to Turkey within the next 18 months, and the company will license production to Abdi İbrahim and İlko Pharmaceuticals.

According to a bulletin regarding the new product licensing portfolio released before the press conference declaring this shift, Servier Turkey General Manager Philippe Mea stated that they were planning to produce 5 million more boxes annually, over the 21 million boxes. Mea said, "We will reach a total production capacity of 32 million boxes. It is possible to increase this number by exporting to neighboring countries," adding that an additional TL 11 million in investment would create new employment opportunities as well. According to the information published on the company's official website, the consolidated turnover of Servier, which currently operates in 146 countries, was around 4 billion euros in 2014. Dr. Jacques Servier, a medicine and pharmacology professor, founded Servier in Orleans, France in 1954 at the age of 30 by taking over a pharmaceutical company that only had nine employees at the time. Servier grew to become the largest independent pharmaceutical company in France, with more than 21,400 employees in 146 countries around the world. It is the second-largest French pharmaceutical company operating globally.

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