TL 256.9B spent on cigarettes in last decade in Turkey

Published 13.06.2016 00:08

A total of TL 256.9 billion ($87.71 billion) was spent on cigarettes in Turkey over the past 10 years; a staggering amount that could have been used in the construction of six Southern Anatolia Projects (GAP), 56 bridges, 11 dams, 46 Marmaray projects and 10 nuclear power plants.

According to data collected from Turkey's Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority (TAPDK), despite an overall decrease of tobacco use and the activation of a unified warning system consisting of images and warnings written on cigarette packaging since 2010, the upward trend resumed again in 2014 and 2015.

TL 15.3 billion was spent on 108 billion cigarettes in Turkey in 2006. On the other hand, TL 24 billion was spent in 2010 for 93 billion cigarettes which were consumed in the domestic market. Five years later, in 2015, TL 40 billion was spent on 103 billion cigarettes.

The total number of cigarettes purchased in Turkey over the last decade has reached 1,004,157,307,223.

While each cigarette consumed in the domestic market cost roughly $0.14 in 2006, the cost increased to $0.38 in 2015.

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