Attraction centers increase hopes in Turkey's east

Published 25.06.2016 00:22

His remarks were welcomed by the representatives of the business sphere in the region. Pointing out that private sector investments in the region were insufficient despite all the incentives given so far, businesspeople noted that the factories that would be built with public support would solve the unemployment problem. Similarly, the business environment revived by public support is expected to increase the investments in the region by attracting other investors.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA) regarding the issue, Şah İsmail Bedirhanoğlu, head of the Eastern and Southeastern Industrialists and Businesspeople Associations Federation (DOĞÜNSİFED), stressed that safety and stability were important for the business environment in the region, and continued by saying: "The region really has potential. The underdevelopment of the region is not caused by the lack of potential but the troubled environment. So I see the formulation and implementation of centers of attraction as a positive development to eliminate the interregional development gap and make important contributions to the wealth and employment of the region."

Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) Chairman Tarkan Kadooğlu said they supported Prime Minister Yıldırım's statements and that the partnership between the public and private sectors played an important role in the region's development. Asserting that the regions in question were fragile due to an issue of trust, Kadooğlu noted, "Since the region is having difficulties in financial access, the centers of attraction were the right decision in order to embrace an institutional structure in collaboration between the state and the private sector and to run commerce systematically."

Hakkari Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Servet Taş said young people constituted 65 percent of the region's population. "The unemployment rate is over 25 percent. Future investments will make serious contributions to the region's economic and social structure, and it will prevent unemployment. It will also affect imports and exports. What is important for investors is the establishment of a peaceful environment."

According to Diyarbakır Industrialists and Businesspeople Association (DİSİAD) Chairman Burç Baysal, the region needs public support because of the unstable environment and income disparity there. Exporters also saw disruption related to recent events, and production has declined.

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